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When composing a five-paragraph essay, it is necessary to plan well to ensure that each section has specific information. The result will be an essay that is free from grammatical and spelling errors.Formatting a five-paragraph essay will vary depending on the purpose of the essay. If it is a research piece, you may need to break down the essay into smaller, manageable sections. If it is more of a persuasive piece, the length of the essay is likely to be extended. It is also essential to note that the quality of your five-paragraph essay will depend on the writer, which has a different vision of how to structure their paper.

Guidelines on How to Write an Essay

The following are basic guidelines that you need to follow for writing a five paragraph essay, if you don't want to use term paper service.

Divide the essay into Sections

Have sections for each paragraph in your essay. Some essays have more than one kind of paragraphs. In such a case, have a subheading for each kind of paragraph to make it easy to understand.

Insert an Intro

When you are dealing with a persuasive essay, then you need to start the essay off. Use a strong introduction that hooks the reader’s attention. Keep the intro brief and to the point, and the intro should be between 60 to 100 words.

An Ideal Body Paragraph

Apart from having a strong introduction, the body also matters in an essay. Usually, each paragraph should have its own, unique, and logical information. A five-paragraph essay can have between four to six body paragraphs depending on the kind of essay you are writing.

Get Point

The main aim of each paragraph is to have a different and comprehensive argument for the reader to make. The arguments presented should be:

  • Clear
  • Appealing
  • Debatable
  • Argumentative


Do not just start writing the essay without a general outline. Having an outline will help you avoid unnecessary repetition in your essay. Do the following things:

  1. Define the main idea you want to write in the essay.
  2. Define the importance of your points. Know who your audience is and what they need to know. Make sure they are in the know before you begin to write.
  3. An Ideal conclusion.

Lastly, make a general outline of all your ideas and give a summary of them. Remember that you have to use a straight forward tone while writing your essay. Avoid using technical language.

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